We are making an 8 episode comedy TV series based on our sketch, Knight Knight. Filming this summer.

In order to do that, we have to raise some money.
Currently, we're meeting with investment groups to raise $100,000 to produce the pilot episode and a sizzle reel. Once completed, we will be pitching the show to distributors. We have various connections that are making this process go more smoothly than if we tried to do it ourselves. 

Right now, we have been selected to be one of three businesses with an opportunity to pitch to a group of 20-30 angel investors on June 6th. But to get that opportunity, we have to pay a $2,500 submission fee. This covers the cost of submission and coaching for the pitch.
(more information: gatheringofangels.com)

So instead of asking you for the $100,000, if you can help with the $2,500, we can raise the rest of the funds and make this show a reality. 

If you're able to give, we would greatly appreciate your donation. Just click on the "donate" button below.




$15 + Shipping
Buy a "Darn Grizzly" t-shirt here: urbanaave.com/store

Name in the credits + Urbana Ave "Crew" t-shirt

Be an extra in the pilot episode + Name in the credits + Urbana Ave "Crew" t-shirt


If you'd like to give above and beyond $100, we would be extremely grateful for your generosity.


And anyone who gives $25 or more will be invited to the pilot premiere party.